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Hector Fallas Vargas
Attorney and Notary Public

During the early years of his career, Hector Fallas worked at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce as director of administrative sanctions for violating consumer protection laws, technical regulations and competition. He also worked as an attorney for the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. Once he made the decision to become independent, Mr. Fallas focused his professional practice on civil, commercial and family law with both national and international clients.

His work in civil, commercial and family law afforded him ample experience in investment consulting, business development, mergers and acquisitions, banking, trust structures and guarantee agreements. Mr. Fallas has 15 years of experience in association law and has serviced many different national organizations, including public and private solidarity associations.
Most recently, given the changes in the global economy, Mr. Fallas joined several of his clients in providing legal advice to startup companies and businesses that ventured into the fields of information technology (IT), financial technologies and e-commerce.



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