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Clare Facio Legal

Gabriel Clare Facio
Attorney and Notary Public

Gabriel Clare is a trilingual (Spanish, French, English) attorney and notary public with over 10 years of experience in business and corporate affairs and real estate. He is current counsel for the Chamber of Business and Industries France Costa Rica (2012) and the Association of European Chambers in Costa Rica (2020), as well as guest instructor at the Real Estate Brokers Association. He holds a law degree from Universidad Libre de Derecho de Costa Rica and in notarial law from Universidad de la Salle.

He is a seasoned professional who worked in several different law firms before opening his own in 2019 in collaboration with his esteemed partners. He is an ally, both professional and personal, of foreigners who make the decision to relocate to Costa Rica, whether for investment purposes or quality of life. A relentless advocate of justice and the common good, he focuses all his time and energy on solving his clients’ cases as if they were his own. He is charismatic, empathetic, loyal and honest.



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