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In this ever-changing world, Costa Rica has emerged as an attractive and viable destination for settling down and doing business.

Its stable democracy, richness of nature, legal security, pura vida people and different immigration regimes make Costa Rica a top destination for investing in real estate. Consequently, real estate law has grown in importance over the years.

From buying or selling a small piece of farmland or the home of your dreams overlooking the ocean to a large plot for residential or hotel development, due diligence is required to optimize and protect your investment and avoid delays due to poor advice.

Our firm has ample experience in this branch of law. Allow us to guide you through the correct real estate processes in Costa Rica to safeguard your best interests, guarantee your success and make your dreams a reality.

At Clare Facio Legal, we help to protect your real estate investment!

Let's work together!

We have offices around the country so we can be closer to you and serve you better. We speak English, French and Spanish, allowing us to serve both local and international clients. Additionally, we have a network of contacts around the world so we can even meet your needs abroad. We want to grow without losing sight of the fact that the best place we can be is by your side.

We are also, PURA VIDA!

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