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Notarial law is considered an essential, necessary element to register and make effective transactions related to real rights and civil and business law,

including purchase and sale agreements of movable and immovable property, security interests, succession proceedings, trading companies and affidavits.

We provide the support and legal advice necessary to formalize different transactions, including those that need to be registered with the National Registry, such as: mortgage agreements; mortgage bonds; liens; purchase and sale of property, vehicles and boats; and other notarial processes, such as signature and private and public document authentications.

The introduction of technology to notary services has streamlined many of these procedures, thereby enabling expedited results and decreasing registration times for documents with the National Registry.

Our firm provides responsible, judicious and efficient notary services for the different processes needed to formalize transactions.

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We have offices around the country so we can be closer to you and serve you better. We speak English, French and Spanish, allowing us to serve both local and international clients. Additionally, we have a network of contacts around the world so we can even meet your needs abroad. We want to grow without losing sight of the fact that the best place we can be is by your side.

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