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Innovation has no limits. It requires hard work, intellect and a significant economic investment, all with the goal of financial reward.

The first step every innovator must take is to safeguard his or her invention, even before spending on advertising. Intellectual property rights will help set your quality production apart.

Intellectual Property rights include copyrights and industrial property, such as patents and trademarks. This is a highly specialized field of Law unfamiliar to many professionals. Intellectual property protection requires a thorough analysis, as not every application is accepted.

That is why at Clare Facio Legal, our highly qualified team takes that analysis seriously, so your dream can become a reality.

Let's work together!

We have offices around the country so we can be closer to you and serve you better. We speak English, French and Spanish, allowing us to serve both local and international clients. Additionally, we have a network of contacts around the world so we can even meet your needs abroad. We want to grow without losing sight of the fact that the best place we can be is by your side.

We are also, PURA VIDA!

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