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Act No. 7128 dated August 18, 1989, known as the Constitutional Jurisdiction Act, instituted one of the most important changes in the Costa Rican Judicial System—it created of the Constitutional Chamber to hear claims of unconstitutionality and appeals for legal protection and habeas corpus. Our attorneys have ample experience in this branch of law.

Our primary goal is to protect your constitutional rights, such as limitations to private property, expropriations, due diligence, open market competition, freedom of transit and the right to education.

Our attorneys work to ensure the enjoyment and exercise of the individual and social rights and guarantees granted by our Political Constitution and international treaties.

At Clare Facio Legal, we help to safeguard your fundamental rights!

Let's work together!

We have offices around the country so we can be closer to you and serve you better. We speak English, French and Spanish, allowing us to serve both local and international clients. Additionally, we have a network of contacts around the world so we can even meet your needs abroad. We want to grow without losing sight of the fact that the best place we can be is by your side.

We are also, PURA VIDA!

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